Team ISOWA @ U.S.

We were in Atlanta yesterday attending Super Corr Expo 2012, a cardboard machine exhibition held once every four years, where we exhibited our products.
This time – as in the first trial attempt – we broadcast live via the Internet the production status of our printers used in two companies in the U.S.
It was really good. Some participants were surprised at the speed of our order change processing and high production rate. One person asked, “Is this really live footage?!”
This trial run was only possible because of our good relationship with the two companies. Last night, we started out with a cocktail party for our customers on arrival. The room was not quite big enough, so it was packed full with a lot of guests.
Then we had dinner at a different place including some other guests from Brazil. It was such a lively dinner.
Of the four Super Corr exhibitions held over the past 12 years, this one was the most exciting. I mean it was when you look at ISOWA’s booth. That is undoubtedly because our printers, Falcon and Ibis, have entered the American market and are operating well. They have already become popular here in the U.S.
But you can’t talk about this without mentioning team “ISOWA America.”
Though selfish plays were often seen before, organizational reform this spring has greatly improved their teamwork so now it’s like a completely different team.
Even though they have not been taught about the spirit of corporate culture reform that we’re working on in Japan, they already understand it well, and I always heard the word “team” in their conversation. It is a great thing.
Can you guess how impressed I am?
It feels the same as with this many wine bottles around me.
Super Corr 2012 ended this way, with my heart filled with deep emotion.