New fiscal year has begun!

April came and the new fiscal year has just begun for us.


Last week, right before it started, we shared the yearly goals with the whole company.
Numerical goals change every year, but “Zero Accident” is always at the top of the list.

Even one accident is one too many as we are committed to protect the employees and their families.


We also had some personnel and organizational changes.

Every person who got promoted was given a mic and asked for a comment.


Their words were just so strong and powerful. Now it’s time to act out.

Of course, we decided to make those changes to achieve the goals above. But there’s more required.

“Build up cross-departmental/generational relationships and gather everyone’s thoughts.”

That’s our slogan for this year and it is how we make innovations happen.

Followed by these announcements, the commendation of the Invention Award was taken place.

It’s great as it is that they got the awards, but what makes it even greater is the fact that most of them are still in their twenties or early thirties.

Although I’m over 60 now and won’t be able to work with them so long, I can see our bright future with the young generation coming up.

Now we’re a few days into the new year.
We just started out right as the manufacturing slots for 2017-2018 are getting filled steadily.

We will focus on keeping this up and ending the year right.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you who are reading this from abroad along the way!