Two Passionate Feelings

Today was a monthly meeting day.

Normally I speak for half an hour but this time instead I asked Mr. U and Mr. S to do it.

Mr. U made a speech a few days ago when we had some visitors over, which really was a good one.
That’s why I wanted everyone else to get to hear that.

He is in charge of parts procurement. He found out something about our slogan “ISOWA keeps you going – always on the go!”

“People always think on their own terms. 
When they say it’s almost ready, you interpret with your own standard.
But the point is, our standards are never the same.

I’d come to subcontract factories every day and talk to get a mutual understanding. That’s how I built my relations with them.

ISOWA keeps you going – always on the go!
This is something that will take us a long time to achieve.

But if you understand each subcontract factory and customer well and have a good bond with them, it will be easier.
And since our machines are used in a long term, we need to set up a firm foundation with them that won’t change with time.”
This is the part that impressed me a few days ago.
It’s amazing how he works based on our big strategy.

Mr. S was next.

He delivered a presentation about the IBIS and the film I mentioned in the last entry the other day.
This presentation was also great.

So I had him come to Nagoya.

“One of the customers told me that ever since they had the IBIS, the work place’s been lit up and the operators have been working vigorously.

The customers have the same passion that ISOWA put into the IBIS. 
And the IBIS is starting to affect more and more people.

My wish is to be there when they renew the machine 20 years from now."

By making them happy, he got a huge joy. I’m sure this experience will always mean something to him in his life. 

Their passion and energy have sure reached our hearts.
Thank you so much to both of them.