51% : 49%



Prior to the Golden Week shipments, we had many foreign customers over for the pre-shipment acceptance and machine demo.

*For those who don’t know, Golden Week is a long holiday from the end of April to the beginning of May in Japan.


From Thailand,




and the Philippines..

When a customer visits us, we give them a plant/office tour where 4-5 of our people take turns in speaking about their work and themselves.

And when a customer comes from abroad, they do it in English.

It’s actually one of my favorite times to hear it.

I will introduce one of the best speeches from this time.

It was Mr. A of International Sales Section.

He talked about why he decided to work for ISOWA.

The “51%:49%” picture at the top has to do with his speech.

“Employee Satisfaction comes before Customer Satisfaction.”
“Employees cannot create Customer Satisfaction if they are not satisfied enough with their company.”
That is my theory.


What would you say if someone asks you which is more important, "Family" or "Work"?

Of course, sometimes you have to prioritize your work, but, essentially, I assume most of you would take “Family” over “Work”.

That’s even true with me who is the president of the company.

I care about the company very much and I'm pretty sure that I do much more than others do, but my family is still more important.

“51%:49%” represents this balance inside me between "Family" and "Work".

And how could you force your employees to sacrifice their family and dedicate everything to your company when you care more about your family?


That’s how I came to my own theory above.

And I get to tell students this story at company information sessions.

Mr. A said he made up his mind when he heard this 8 years ago.

Thanks for choosing ISOWA and the great speech, Mr. A!

Here are some comments we got from the customers after the tour.

“I’m so impressed with your philosophy, culture and atmosphere. But there was something even more about ISOWA that cannot be put into words, and that’s what makes ISOWA special. ”

“There’s a famous saying “A company is only as good as its people”, and ISOWA tells us that it’s true!.”

You’re always welcome at our office if you want to come experience ISOWA yourself!