So Young!

This time of the year, we need our products to get checked by the
customers before shipment if they work properly.

Today, we had a customer from Shikoku.

We demonstrate how the machine worked so they can see everything's okay.

One of the guests said,
"Every time I came here, I realize ISOWA is changing. Also, technical
staff are all young."

That was exactly what I was thinking.

Mr. S of technical division who did a presentation is in his 9th year.
Mr. S who actually operated the machine is in his 2nd year. Even Mr. M
who just joined ISOWA this year was in charge of the control system.

The way Mr. S was working was so impressive that I can't help saying,
"I'm in love with your industriousness."

Seeing Mr. Y in his fourth year at the end of the printer, I said,
"With other members, it seems like you are not young anymore."

He answered,
"I have to keep up the effort not to get left behind.

The new generation is getting stronger.
I'm very proud of them.