With all respect and appreciation




A few weeks ago, my uncle who is the former-president of ISOWA passed away.

As his family expressed their intention not to have a farewell ceremony, the least we could do was to offer silent prayers at the monthly assembly with all respect and appreciation for his 56 years of dedication to the company.


The only way for us to pay him back is to take over his passion and keep this company going.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.
Rest in peace.

The other content for today's assembly was announcement of the Proposal Award where person who got the most technical improvement proposals adopted is commended and offered a prize.


This year the award went to Mr. K and Mr. H who happen to be the same age.

They started working right after they graduated from high school and are both still in their early-20s.
But they not only do what they are told but also keep thinking what else they can do to make machines better.


My uncle’s will surely has been passed on to the next generation.

ISOWA will be moving forward with him in our hearts.