Something That Won’t Be Forgotten

Let me introduce some comments from the customers who just came to see our printer “Ibis” recently.

“I have seen Ibis 3 times now.
First time was more than 5 years ago. The gap accuracy wasn’t good enough.
And then, on the second time, a certain amount of improvement could be seen.
But this time, not to mention further improvement of the gap accuracy, presentation was well thought-out and really helped us understand the Ibis’ newest features.”

 “Ibis was more than I had expected.
I’m excited for what you will bring into the corrugated industry in the future.”

“I could feel the power and energy from the young generation. Every time I visit here, you never fail to impress me. ”

I think we are getting closer to the point where we can give customers more than “just machines”.

And today we had two other customers over.
It was the first time to ISOWA for one of them.

After the plant tour, they were wondering about our training system.

Then, timely, Ms. T who joined the company six months ago came into the room to serve tea to them.

“Who is your trainer?”

“I never felt like someone is training me. The atmosphere here makes me want to learn.”

“That’s why you all look energetic. That makes sense.”

“That’s how I like it.”

We had a conversation like that.

As long as we are a machine manufacturer, our priority should be “better quality” and “better service” for customers. If it isn’t, customers won’t choose us.

I have been believing that nurturing the corporate culture will grow employee’s independence and autonomy, which will help us create machines and service systems that others couldn’t even imagine.

This process will take a long period of time.
But this is what we have to get over to be able to offer our original value to customers.

I can’t do it by myself. I need everyone to follow me.

I’ve been trying for 17 years now.
It might be impossible to be completed by the time I retire.
I don’t even know where we will end up with this.

All we can do is keep believing and stick to it.

Through the recent developments of Ibis or new singlefacer, I get the feeling that we are on the right track.

We will keep the faith and keep going!



After visiting one of our customers, I headed to Osaka.

That’s where annual Corrugated Case Association Meeting is held.

At the meeting, Mr. M from Corrugator Section made a presentation about our very first i-Machine “Minglefacer (Mingle + Singlefacer)” in front of more than 300 customers.

Right before it started, he looked so nervous backstage.
So I came up to him for encouragement,

“It’s okay being nervous. Who wouldn’t be?”

I don’t know if I can call it “encouragement”. But, after all, the way he spoke was powerful and magnificent.

I’m sure you could tell he did great when you see the picture above.

The lights went down for the presentation, by the way, which made it really hard for me to take pictures.
I needed to position myself in the front row and give it all my techniques.

Thanks to my effort, he looks much better than he actually is!
It’s way better than the one Mr. I that I was there with took.

I raised the brightness level to make him look clear, which made the “i-Machine” logo too bright to see.

I had to photoshopped it in later.

I think I did a good job here.

Now I will tell you the key to take a perfect picture in dark places like this.
Of course, you can’t do it in the darkness. You have to be patient.

You wait until the presentation is over.

When it’s finished, the lights all come back up.

But that’s not the timing. There are still too many people there.

Then when is it?

The best moment is when everyone is gone.
You make the presenter go up to the stage again, pose him as if it’s right in the middle of the presentation.

Now all you have to do is take your time and find the best angle.

Do you understand?

  It's real magic!

Well, all joking aside, we got a lot of inquiries on “Minglefacer” after the presentation.

I hope this machine will be the i-Machine (loved-machine) for many customers.

Thank you Mr. M!


Heart-Warming Tasty Reward

Today was the monthly morning assembly day.

I don’t remember since when, but Mr. T of General Affairs Deparment being a MC has become a tradition in ISOWA’s internal gatherings like that.

But, at the end of the last month’s assembly, I told him to designate someone else who would take his place next month.

It was Mr. O that he chose.

He has never done it before, of course, but he was acting like he does it all the time.

Since today happens to be the day a 2-week college students internship program starts, it started off with introducing the participants.

After the introduction, we had a commendation for invention.

This time, among all the inventions, my idea was adopted.

It is written in the regulations that if one’s idea is adopted for patent application, that person gets a reward.

But a few weeks ago, Mr. S of Intellectual Property Section came to me,

“I really appreciate your applying but the regulations say the president cannot be paid.

I thought I had to give you something instead.”

With those words, he handed me a bottle of peach jam.

I have never had peach jam, but when I had it at home, I completely fell in love with its taste.

It is not too sweet and additive-free!

Every day when I wake up, I already can’t wait to have it.

Although he suggested I should finish it as soon as possible, it was too good to finish at once.

I brought it to the office with me in the morning so Mr. S could officially give it to me in front of everybody.

If that’s what I get every time I come up with an idea, nothing makes me more motivated.

Thanks again, Mr. S!