After visiting one of our customers, I headed to Osaka.

That’s where annual Corrugated Case Association Meeting is held.

At the meeting, Mr. M from Corrugator Section made a presentation about our very first i-Machine “Minglefacer (Mingle + Singlefacer)” in front of more than 300 customers.

Right before it started, he looked so nervous backstage.
So I came up to him for encouragement,

“It’s okay being nervous. Who wouldn’t be?”

I don’t know if I can call it “encouragement”. But, after all, the way he spoke was powerful and magnificent.

I’m sure you could tell he did great when you see the picture above.

The lights went down for the presentation, by the way, which made it really hard for me to take pictures.
I needed to position myself in the front row and give it all my techniques.

Thanks to my effort, he looks much better than he actually is!
It’s way better than the one Mr. I that I was there with took.

I raised the brightness level to make him look clear, which made the “i-Machine” logo too bright to see.

I had to photoshopped it in later.

I think I did a good job here.

Now I will tell you the key to take a perfect picture in dark places like this.
Of course, you can’t do it in the darkness. You have to be patient.

You wait until the presentation is over.

When it’s finished, the lights all come back up.

But that’s not the timing. There are still too many people there.

Then when is it?

The best moment is when everyone is gone.
You make the presenter go up to the stage again, pose him as if it’s right in the middle of the presentation.

Now all you have to do is take your time and find the best angle.

Do you understand?

  It's real magic!

Well, all joking aside, we got a lot of inquiries on “Minglefacer” after the presentation.

I hope this machine will be the i-Machine (loved-machine) for many customers.

Thank you Mr. M!

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