With all our heart

Our first i Machine with a plate of my handwritten ‘i Machine’ on it started running a month ago at a customer’s workshop. The other day, there was a ritual praying for the safety under the fine weather.

As soon as I got there, the president talked to me,

“Everything is going well with the i Machine.”

Then we all gathered at the altar set up in front of the machine. The Shinto ritual began.

And Tamagushi-hoten.

I took a tamagushi from the Shinto priest, stepped forward to the altar, and offered the tamagushi on behalf of the whole company praying that it will be loved and give new value to them.

After that, we went on to see how it was working.

It was the machine sound that first drew our attention.

It might be just a noise for those who don’t work in this industry.

But, for us, it is much more quiet and lighter.

“It is a very good sound. Unlike the other machines before.”

The managing director was saying the exact same thing that I was thinking.

Since the installation, Mr. Y of technology division and Mr. E of electronic technology division have been there making sure that the “i Machine” is settling in well.

This is just the beginning of this project, but I’m glad that we made a good start with so much love from the customer.

I swear here that we will try our best to bring more happiness to the people all over the world.