New Plant Unveils

The plant construction is well underway.

Let me show you some pictures from the end of the 2015.

This day we had “truss installation”.
The combination of a number of triangles helps support the roof and strengthen the whole building.

This structure was used widely in the plant design before.
But as computers automatically gives you the optimized design which has the best strength these days, the number of the buildings with this structure has been decreasing.

Those trusses make it possible for the plant to stand without any columns in the middle of it.

That is one of the good things about it, of course.
But, most importantly, it’s beautiful!

When I was seeing the truss being set in place, I found a guy walking on the truss as if he was walking on the ground.

“The project I was working on before this was a 10-story apartment building. That’s why I’m used to be working in high places,” the guy said.

That’s something I will never get used to!

And about 2 months later, it looks totally different now.

With shutters in ISOWA color, now you can imagine the whole picture.

As the construction proceeds, I can feel the excitement in the air at ISOWA.

“When the plant is ready, it is our turn to make the most of it!”

“I can’t wait to work in there.”

“With machines in it, it would look even more majestic.”

The plant is coming to its completion slowly but steadily.

Please look forward to further updates!