Heart-Warming Tasty Reward

Today was the monthly morning assembly day.

I don’t remember since when, but Mr. T of General Affairs Deparment being a MC has become a tradition in ISOWA’s internal gatherings like that.

But, at the end of the last month’s assembly, I told him to designate someone else who would take his place next month.

It was Mr. O that he chose.

He has never done it before, of course, but he was acting like he does it all the time.

Since today happens to be the day a 2-week college students internship program starts, it started off with introducing the participants.

After the introduction, we had a commendation for invention.

This time, among all the inventions, my idea was adopted.

It is written in the regulations that if one’s idea is adopted for patent application, that person gets a reward.

But a few weeks ago, Mr. S of Intellectual Property Section came to me,

“I really appreciate your applying but the regulations say the president cannot be paid.

I thought I had to give you something instead.”

With those words, he handed me a bottle of peach jam.

I have never had peach jam, but when I had it at home, I completely fell in love with its taste.

It is not too sweet and additive-free!

Every day when I wake up, I already can’t wait to have it.

Although he suggested I should finish it as soon as possible, it was too good to finish at once.

I brought it to the office with me in the morning so Mr. S could officially give it to me in front of everybody.

If that’s what I get every time I come up with an idea, nothing makes me more motivated.

Thanks again, Mr. S!

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