Three Generations in One Place

I took the first Shinkansen in the morning to the Kansai area.

I visited the customer where we just installed our machine.
They invited me to the start-up ceremony.

“You have done a great job for us. Thanks to your effort, the installation was finished one day earlier than planned,” the customer said.

Thank you all who worked hard and made that happen.

After the ceremony, the machine started running without any trouble.

While I was checking on the machine in the plant, Mr. Y from Osaka sales came up to me,
“They have three generations here.”

At first, I didn’t quite understand what he was talking about.

According to him,

It was about them.

They are all nameplates we paste on our machines.
I got to see all these nameplates at the same time in one machine line because they purchased our machines in three different time periods.

We started using the first one in the 70’s, then the second one took its place in early 90’s, and the last one is brand-new which you could only see on newly-installed machines.

Three of them in one place doesn’t happen often.

See if you can find them in the above picture.

Anyway, this story tells you how long one machine can be used, and that’s why we have to be responsible for the maintenance over generations to support the world’s physical distribution.

When ISOWA stops, the world stops.

That’s why “ISOWA keeps you going - always on the go!”

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