Freshmen at ISOWA

As the new fiscal year has begun, we had 8 students join ISOWA.

When freshmen start working, they are provided with a personal helmet, but theirs look a little different from others’.


What’s the difference?


It’s a yellow strap!

The reason they are wearing this is so that other people can easily perceive where freshmen are in the workshop and keep an eye for their safety.

In this helmet with a strap, they are working very hard on their 3-month training program.




At the end of the day, they have a review meeting.

In this meeting, they share with each other what they learned, what mistakes they made and why that happened, and get advice from their boss and seniors so that they can do better the next day.


At ISOWA, so many people are involved in human resource development more or less like this.


We may have built our history, but they are our future.

It’s my biggest happiness seeing them grow day by day.



Good luck to you all!

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