New Organization

At the beginning of May we went to Phoenix, Arizona to visit ISOWA America.

ISOWA America recently changed its system and made a new start on May 7.

Of course this is not restructuring. We’re making profit in every term.

Instead, it is a change to better realize our principles and promote further development.

Originally, the members of ISOWA America helped each other with good teamwork.

This man is Kaiser, who’s in charge of service parts.

Ann Marie works in the general affairs section.

But due to the great distance separating the U.S. from Japan, the lack of communication with ISOWA’s main office has always been an issue.

As one solution to that problem, we decided to send some members from the head office to ISOWA America every three years in order to share technologies and principles more easily. This February we dispatched Mr. S from the electronic technology group.

Unfortunately I had a lot of work to do this time and didn’t have enough chance to talk to him, but every member of the local staff and the one sent from Japan, have said, “His English has really improved.”

“At first I was worried about his English skill, but he could open a bank account on his own.”

Actually, while I was at the ISOWA America offices, he spoke in fluent English over the telephone to Ron, a local staff member. His progress will set the standard of our future training programs. I’m expecting quite a lot of good work from him.

Also, I think we should encourage more business trips from Japan by various sections.
There should be more meetings like this between Japanese and local staff. To be honest, it is a put-up job. It is usually against my policy, but a happy put-up job like this is an exception.
Those who are not in favor of my policy could be shot by a rifle provided in the office and …
This cannot be happening.
This one I found at the restaurant where we had a dinner to wish good luck for ISOWA America. So you can come to ISOWA America with confidence.
I want them to work brightly and happily on reforming the corporate culture, sharing their opinions with each other. I can’t wait to see how ISOWA America is going to be!

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