When I decided to work with ISOWA

Last weekend we had a customer at our office who came all the way from Tokyo.  We’ve been doing business together for three years now. That’s not what we'd call a long-term relationship, especially in the cardboard business where equipment sometimes lasts over 20 years.
But he suddenly said, “Actually, we decided to do business with you at your father’s farewell party. I remember you saying at the funeral that your predecessor had been working hard to get Rengo to use their machines someday. And I could see that the spirit was coming down to the next generation, with a clear process of development.


“That was exactly what we were trying to do too. So that was when we made up our minds.”
Those words really inspired me. We will never make him regret it.
We must always cherish such words from our customers. Let’s not forget the great principles of my father and grandfather about manufacturing.

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