We Start a Delivery Service!


Mr. S and Mr. T, who joined our technology division last year, have been working on crisis experience device as one of their first projects. It's finally finished and today we held a presentation.

First of all, they explained why they chose this project and how the device functions.

"Nipping accidents account for half of all labor accidents. We'd like every operator to know how it happens and how dangerous it is, in order to prevent these accidents."

Then we got to experience the fear of getting caught in the machine.

Participants tried to insert a cardboard sheet into the device, they were dragged into the device, even when it was just idling. When they increased RPMs, we were all overwhelmed by the machines power, which was way beyond our expectations.

This was just a simple project for our first-year staff, but we are now planning to bring this device to our customer's office and demonstrate it for their operators. It will show them the true meaning of fear.

If someone needs a delivery service, please let me know. 

I want to say thank you to Mr. S and Mr. T for making this amazing device. I hope it will help improve safety for our customers.



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