Accepting Challenges

On August 3rd, there was a exam called "The National Trade Skill Test", which tests the technical skills and knowledge of working people.
This is certified by the government and takes place twice a year.

This time, 4 members from our assembly section took this exam, Grade 1 of "Finishing of Assembling Machines".

Although it seemed the exam got much harder this year, they didn't give up and stayed at our workshop practicing until late every night.

When I popped in the workshop after the work today, I saw Mr. N from company Y among the four.
He was originally in charge of teaching the examinees in his company, but he also supports ones from ISOWA every time.

When I was talking with Mr.N, he said to me,
It's true that they've got a hard task this year, so we should praise them for deciding to take it on this condition.
    Preparing for the test definitely improves their skills.
    It doesn't matter if they will pass or not, because it might be just a matter of luck.
    Actually, it is more beneficial for them to try and practice many times.
    What we should do is to value their challenges themselves."

That made me feel embarrassed. I had only commended the passer so far.

And I asked him how to make the most of "the National Trade Skill Test", he answered,
"If you make freshmen apply for Grade 2 as soon as they joined the company and prepare thoroughly
from April to July, they can set a clear goal."
Thanks for the advice.

He went on,
"The problem is the exam is scheduled during Bon (Japanese ritual ceremony observed around the fifteenth of August)."

Hearing that, I couldn't help saying,
"All they do is getting their routine duties done not caring about examinees."

But complaining doesn't help anything.
I hope all of them will brush up their skill further within the next few days.
That will raise the overall skills of ISOWA.

Passing the test is not essential.
You trying something new like this are our treasure. Thank you.

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