Shining Brightly

ISOWA staffs are starting to get back from installation during the year change period.
However, the door to the workshop is locked and I can’t go in there.
And even if I can, access is allowed only in a restricted area by the barricades.

Although the floor painting at the assembly area had been finished by the end of the last
year, the passage painting is now in progress before things get busy at the peak of the next

It’s done in a very primitive way. They paint using a stick with a roller on the tip little by little,
over and over again.
You probably don’t know this, but the floor is wearing heavy make-up.

The front side has just been painted, and beyond the pylons, not yet.
You can see how different they look.

One thing I worry about is that they will forget themselves painting the floor and when they
come to senses, all sides around them are painted and they will never be able to get out.

Don’t worry. There are bridges like this here and there, just in case.

But those bridges are narrow and shaky.
I hope anyone doesn’t lose balance and fall on the floor.
I almost did..

Regular maintenance is essential for a factory to last for a long time
Remodel of the workshop into the showroom.
Let’s just stay focused.

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