From Germany

There was something unusual going on with the after-hours meeting tonight.

Mr. Takahashi from Scholar Consult was not there, but there was a guest from Germany.

It’s Ms. K from Adept Media GmbH.

Adept Media and Scholar have had a relationship for quite a while.

Adept Media also published a Germany translation of Mr. Shibata’s work.

Some of their customers are interested in Japanese-style management.

That’s why we are planning Japan Study Tour for them.

We have been discussing with Scholar to come up with a plan where they will be able to learn Japanese management in a larger sense.

After all, we got an offer to have them over for a workshop.

And tonight, Ms. K from Adept Media visited us from Germany to see what ISOWA is like.

We decided to get him involved in the meeting. Because we thought just visiting us was not enough to understand ISOWA.

We were discussing the relation between “i Machine” and “ISOWA keeps you going – always on the go!”

We’ve already talked about this so many times.

But it’s interesting how the more we discuss it, the more mature the discussion gets.

This time, Ms. I of Electrical Technology and Mr. E from Nagoya sales took part for the first time. They made it even more exciting.

At the end of the meeting, I was not sure if German people would like it.

But, Ms. K said,

“All kinds of employees coming together to discuss business challenges. It rarely happens in Germany. Especially, in Germany, it has become a stereotype that Japanese firms make a big decision through a top-down approach. So this is exactly what they should experience. They’ll be glad to come.”

After-hours meeting with German guests.

I can’t wait for it to actually happen!

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