From Germany!

8 guests from Adept Technology, Inc., Germany finally came visit us after pre-research in March.

Their goal was to feel the atmosphere of us working towards the world’s best corporate culture and hear our voices first-hand.

This is Mr. K speaking about our corporate cultural reform.

It was really nice!

While he was showing them pictures of ISOWA staff, he kept asking,
“They all look happy, don’t they?”

And he also looked very happy while asking that.

There couldn’t be a better way to describe our good relation.

“Employees shouldn’t be satisfied to be just part of their company.
A company always has to have compassion for its employees.”

Honestly, he could even take my place. Thanks, Mr. K!

I was given an hour for my speech. But it needed translating, so taking that into account, all I got was just half an hour.

I was worried if this would work but Mr. K performed amazing translation. 

But there’s one thing that’s not right.

I wonder why there is no picture from my speech.
Someone should’ve taken one…
That’s something we still need to work on!

I was curious about what the guests thought about the speech.

“It touched my heart. Your speech was really worth listening to. It made me glad I came to Japan.”
He took over his family business that’s the same size as ISOWA just like I did.
The fact that those words were from someone who has the similar background made me even happier.

Including a free discussion afterwards, I’m sure we could make them see our spirits.

We were quite surprised to find material for the visit tour this time Mr. Y left behind.

A picture of the janitor room appeared in it as if it was our main office.
They must have thought it would be a waste of time to visit a so small company.

I’m really glad they came after all.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this!

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