Glad I Did It

One-on-one meeting with the executives after the multisource evaluation.

 Finished it all as scheduled. 23 people, an hour per person. Which means I spent almost one whole day on this.

 But I'm really glad I did it.

It wasn't just about something related to work. It was something much deeper.
We usually don't get to talk this much.

 As for Mr. S who I talked with today, to be honest, I've hardly ever talked to him before.

 It's not like I haven't talked to them all but that doesn't change the fact I should have done this a long time ago.

 It might be late, but it's much better doing something than not doing it.
 I'm glad they all opened up to me and we got to talk about something honest.

 Even though sometimes I had to give them harsh feedback, they accepted it and were even thankful for that.

 One of them even wanted to do it again next year.

 I also shook hands with each employee I interviewed, which turned out a great idea.

 It helped us get even closer.

 With the foundation we've built this time, we'll work towards a better future for us and the world in 2015.

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