Important part of ISOWA

As in our corporate credo, employee satisfaction matters most to us.
Because we do believe employee satisfaction will lead to customer satisfaction eventually.

But, there’s another important party we do care about.

It’s our suppliers.

We hold a big meeting every year where many of our suppliers get together to get to know each other better and promote partnership.

This year, we decided to give a thank you letter and a little gift money to 8 suppliers that have made the most contribution in the last fiscal year.

On two conditions, though;

1.    Use the money to take their employees in charge of ISOWA to lunch/dinner.
2.    Send us a picture as a proof.

I know it sounds a little too much, but the reason we gave these conditions is that this is all about us showing appreciation to everyone who actually works hard for ISOWA every day, and we needed to make sure that the money would be spent for them.

After the meeting, we got some really heart-warming pictures.

It was the least we could do to show how grateful we are to them.
ISOWA wouldn’t be able to deliver good machines/service to our customers without these partners.

ISOWA may be just a company with 300 employees but, in the process, a lot more Japanese craftsmen’s passion and skills are put into our products.

I posted this blog because I wanted to let you know about a little bit of “Behind the scenes”.

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