My Grandfather Wakes from a Long Sleep

My grandfather, Genichi Isowa, passed away 25 years ago.

This is a picture of us taken when I was 1 year old.
A statue of him stands by a pond on our office property and is always watching over us.
Actually there is another bust of him that had been stored in my house for a long time.
I brought out that bust again when I was getting things organized after my father’s death.

Mr. I of the sales division is familiar with this kind of thing. I brought the bust to the office and asked his advice.
He said, “Why don’t you make a pedestal and display the bust on it?”
We examined some design plans. Today the installation was finally completed.

I have a lot of memories associated with this bust.
When my grandfather received the Medal with Blue Ribbon, my family decided to commission a bust commemorating it. So my father drove us my grandfather, my mother and us kids – in his car to the Hokuriku region to make arrangements with an artist for creating this bust.

When we saw the finished work, we were all pleased with its quality.
Only my grandfather himself seems to have been in a bad mood and said, “It doesn’t look like me at all!”
In my opinion, it resembles him very much. What do you think, comparing with his picture?

Now this bust stands at the entrance of our office, so when you visit us, please let me know your impression, especially those of you who knew him in person.

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