Be Respectful

Most of those who joined ISOWA this April are still in training.

I found Mr. W, an ISOWA freshman, at the processing plant working on general-purpose lathes earlier today.

Mr. Y who has been in charge of this machine for 40 years was teaching him.

Needless to say, Mr. W has never done it before.
That’s why Mr. Y was supposed to be teaching in detail patiently.

I thought I had to thank him for coaching him.
“Thank you very much. There must be so much to teach. Please keep up the good work.”
But his reaction was not exactly what I was expecting.

“In recent years, everyone who joins ISOWA are all so good, which is why there are many things I have to learn from them.”

He’s even over 60. And he is still eager to learn something new.
That really impressed me.

Mr. W is very lucky to have such an amazing mentor.

Be respectful to each other regardless of ages.
Thank you very much Mr. Y for reminding me of this important thing.

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