Last spring, Mr. S at Sales Department told me about some customers.

According to him, they produce almost 200 orders a day.
Generally speaking, 100 per day is good enough. But 200!

Then it hit me. 

“There might be customers who are making the most of our machines more than we expected.”
If some, I would like to find out and show our appreciation.

That’s why we decided to notify our customers of this and commend the operation team that has made the best achievement.

Today we visited two companies.

First up are Mr. Takamatsu, Mr. Osa and Mr. Kitazawa from Taiyo Shigyo. They have 
established the quickest order change time. The record is 1 minute 56 seconds on daily

They’ve been running our flexo folder gluer, Falcon, for 5 years and a half now.
They’ve had a great success in reducing the amount of the ink they use.

“This is the perfect machine for producing many different kinds of orders.”

They are seeking to shorten the order change time as much as possible.
That’s why at their plant, the operators are already ready to re-start the machine when the chim tones goes off to tell all order change procedures are finished.

“I want our sales team to understand the Falcon better. One of the reasons for the improvement in productivity is the sales strategy. That makes it possible for us to step forward.” Said the president.

Next up are Mr. Takagi, Mr. Yamazaki and Mr. Sometani from Takeda Shiki.
They set a record for the maximum numbers of jobs(orders) done per hour. Their record is 19 jobs per hour.

They introduced the falcon three years ago for the first time as a box plant.

“The maintenance costs and running costs are low. It has no brades, no belts. But it can produce 350 blanks per minute. There is no other machines like that.”

There has been no complaints about the joint accuracy since the Falcon started. All the sales staff consider the Falcon as our strong point. They have absolute trust in it.

“Before, the operators would wait for the machine to get ready. But now the Falcon waits for the operators to get ready. If we do better, there is a good chance of 22-3 jobs done per hour.”

As a matter of fact, these two companies are located in the same area, and they know each other well. 
It seems like they were inspired by each other’s performance.
That’s how good rivals are supposed to be. 

The goal this time was to show our respect and appreciation to those who actually operates our machines very successfully. 

Both of the Falcon teams looked very happy.

Better productivity brings their companies benefits, which makes the presidents happy.

Making all involved happy.
This is what the idea “i machine” is all about.

I would like to say thank you to both companies.
We will keep supporting for you to bring out our machine’s full capacity.

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