That’s so ISOWA!

We held a gathering for soon-to-be freshmen and their parents today.
We have been doing this every year for several years.

Why do we even do that?

Because our motto is “Work for your loving family”, and it’s essential for our families to understand what kind of company we are working for.
Honestly, every time I make a prayer in front of our guardian, the first thing that come into my mind is my own family. But employees and their families always come next.

That’s how important they are to me.

And there’s another reason.

I want to make them feel like,
“I didn’t know much of the company, but it obviously looks like a good one to work in!”

I wonder how that one went.

At the plant, we ran the machine so they could see it in action.

During the company tour, this year’s freshmen took turn in speaking a little about themselves.

They all did great. I’m truly proud of them.

Then we had a lunch break.

I talked to all of them during the break.

Like I have heard, the mother of Ms. Ko is such a huge fan of this blog.

She remembers the dumpling I introduced on this blog before and said she even gave it a try herself.

The parents of Mr. I whose older brother used to want to work in ISOWA told me that he is still jealous his brother get to be a member of us.

The mother of Mr. Im who was born and raised near ISOWA.
“I’ve known ISOWA for a long time now. I have seen the plant getting bigger and bigger.”

Seemed like Mr. Y’s parents who are engaged in the equipment business have some things in common with ISOWA.

“We always work on weekends and holidays for equipment installation. Just like ISOWA, I assume.”

The mother of Ms. K who, from what I’ve heard, drinks a lot.

“Word is that your daughter is such a drinker.”
“Oh my goodness. That is embarrassing!”

But she never denied that. She might’ve gotten that from her mother.

After the break, I asked the parents how they felt about ISOWA.

“The plant was beautiful.”

“I was overwhelmed by those huge machines”

“I could feel the good atmosphere.”

“I don’t think our son will be able to speak in front of audience like them.”

Don’t worry about a thing!
We all started off like your son and daughter.

During the event, I told them a story about one young employee.
He has done some amazing things for ISOWA, but he was just like today’s participants when he joined us.

I’m sure, in a few years, the stories of your son or daughter will be told.  

After we took a photo for the blog, I found out that two mothers’ faces were blocked by others.
“I feel bad for you. Why don’t we take it again with the three of us?”

As it turned out, one of them was just trying to keep a low profile on purpose.
But she ended up being high-profile like this!

Thanks for your cooperation!

I hope this will be an opportunity for them to get to know us and be ISOWA fans!

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