Behind the Successful Ones

We commended successful applicants for National Trade Skill Test 2015 in a monthly morning assembly.

Mr. T, Mr. N and Mr. H passed 2nd Grade Machine Assembly Finishing.
Mr. M got a 1st Grade Machining certificate even though he didn’t have a 2nd Grade.

I knew they were working so hard for this every day after everyone else was gone. 
Congratulations to you all. You deserve it.

But I want to remind you that behind this, there are many other people who worked so hard but didn’t get the results they wanted.

“It’s great to pass the test. 
But what matters more is the effort you put into it in the process.
Whether you pass it or not. Sometimes it depends on luck.
Everyone who tried deserves praise.”

That’s what an external trainer who has been coaching our mechanics said to me.

Mr. T has just been transferred to the sales department.
But he was still passionate enough to take this chance.
He must be the first sales man with a Second -Class technical skills license.

I love this aggressive attitude.

I hope more people will be inspired by this to try themselves.

Especially, all the woman workers have a chance to be the first to get a license in the ISOWA’s history. I hope this will happen in the not too distant future, too.

Again, congratulations to the four of you!

And thank you to all who took the test for your effort!

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