Flowers will bloom

One of the customers I visited in Thailand last week is staying in Japan this week for training on the machine they purchased.

He is still young but very eager to learn Japanese and our management style.
Since he was so curious about Japanese culture, I decided to treat him in a Japanese way.

First of all, I invited him to my house and had my wife show him Japanese calligraphy.

The reason we chose this phrase was his name.

His name is Kittisak.

It sounds similar to the phrase “きっと咲くKitto Saku”.

This phrase is translated into English,

 “I am sure flowers will bloom.”

And in Japan, flowers blooming is often likened to “Success”

So this is also a message to him, “I am sure you will be successful!”

Then we went to dinner. I picked a very traditional Japanese restaurant.

The hostesses were so kind that they gave us a detailed explanation of the food and place, and they even showed us a Shamisen performance.
Every time they served a dish, they seemed worried if he would like it.
But in spite of their worries, he kept eating up all the dishes.

We were surprised at how much he likes Japanese food.

According to him, he eats Natto every morning even in Thailand.
I’ve never seen anyone who likes Natto so much!

At the end of dinner, they showed us around their tea room which was built 300 years ago.
He was excited to know that fact.
And he got even more excited when he found a small entrance.

He looked very satisfied after trying getting out and coming in through the door.

During the dinner, I got so many questions from him about my own management philosophy and how I relate to the employees. Our conversation literally never ended.

I hope he enjoyed “Discover ISOWA Tour” and “Discover Japan Tour”.

And I hope our relationship that has just begun will last a long time.

Thank you so much for your visit, Kittisak-san!

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