A Look Back at New Year Holiday Installations

Hope 2017 has been treating you all well!


First of all, I apologize the update on my blog has been delayed.

I will be posting once a week or two so I would appreciate if you would come check every now and then.


I would like to kick off the first post this year introducing our latest installations.

Look at the machine wrapped in plastic.


It is one of the machines that were to be installed during the New Year Holiday.

For the New Year slots, we had 16 installations and 196 people engaged in them.


On the last working day last year, I was trying to shake hands with as many employees as possible to thank them for their dedication in 2016 and to wish them safe and successful installations.


And now 2 months has passed since the machines were started up.

Thanks to all their effort and the customer’s cooperation, they have been all running pretty well.


This is just a beginning, though.

These machines will be running for the next few decades, and we should do our best to help the customers make the most of them.


Besides, we are already working on assembling new machines in our plant.

Many of them happen to be orders from American customers who might be reading this.

We truly appreciate your trust in us and the opportunity to serve you.
I cannot wait for the machines to be delivered to you!

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