ISOWA Family Open House

If you subscribe ISOWA NEWS LETTER, you may have read about this, but for those who dont, I would like to introduce our Family Open House held last December.

Family Open House is a once in a few years event where we invite employees families to the office.

As the map shows, there were a lot of fun stuff going on all over the place.


The biggest purpose of mine was to talk to as many families as possible.

That is why I spent most of the time standing at the reception.

One of the major contents of Family Open House was machine exhibition.
We let the kids push the
Feed button and run the machine as an operator.

These four are definitely the first kids to operate a 450sheets/min printer!

We should probably apply for the Guinness Record!

When the exhibition was over, applause arose out of nowhere.
It was one of the best moments in this event.

Now that the machine exhibition is done, it
s time for bingo!

The office is flooded with the families.

They look a little serious and nervous because they are about to play bingo for gift cards!



Freshmen were designated to organize the bingo session, and they really did a great job.

Look how happy they made the kids and families!


Even for those who didnt get a gift card, they prepared a consolation prize.

Seeing the employees and their families enjoy and laugh, there was nothing more I could ask for.

I would like to give a huge thanks to the families who came to join us and especially to all who worked real hard to make this successful!

I cannot wait for the next Family Open House already!


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