"Obon" Installations


In Japan, we have a long holiday called “Obon” mid-August.


Corrugating plants normally don’t run during that period, so that’s one of the busiest seasons of the year for us.


This year we had 14 installations for Obon alone, and I’m glad to tell you all of them went successfully!



When customers buy a machine, in most cases, they come to our plant to check the machine before it’s shipped out.

We had a lot of customers over before this Obon, too.

If it’s an FFG(Flexo Folder Gluer), we give them a machine demo where we run their most difficult, problematic orders.


Such as heavy duty tall boxes like this,


and large outside-glued boxes


Sometimes, we even turn off the squaring device at Counter Ejector to show them the machine’s actual folding accuracy.


And when boxes like above come out of the machine, customers are really surprised and happy.

Because it's the moment when a customer's long-held pain goes away.

As we’ve installed more than 130 sets in the past 10 years, our FFGs (Ibis & Falcon) have become very mature.


They’ve gained a great reputation especially for joint accuracy with an innovative device called "Edge-opener" at folding section.


We are planning to have an Open House event featuring new values of our FFGs at the end of November.


If you’re interested, please make contact with us!



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