Deliver Dreams through Corrugated Board



Once I stepped into the place, I was overwhelmed by their great presence.


What do you think they are?

It was three years ago that I heard from one of business partners that there was a guy who was making a life-scale cardboard steam locomotive and looking for a space where he could exhibit it.



I wanted to offer some space in our plant, but, unfortunately, we were full then and couldn’t make that happen.



But the story didn’t end there.



It was turned out that one of our customers, company K, has been supporting his project ever since, and, a few months ago I finally got to see him and his works!


On the right, it’s “D51”.



It’s “C62” on the left which is still in progress.

It has a length of 20m and a width of 3m.

If it’s jointed with a coal car, it will be even longer.



Look at this smooth curve!

I cannot believe this is all made from corrugated sheets.