Aim toward having the best corporate culture in the US

I travelled to the US last week.
The major purpose of the trip was to visit customers in the northeast.

One of them has been using our Corrugator machine for over 25 years.
It is such a pleasure to work with a customer like them over generations.

Sales and maintenance service for these customers are provided by ISOWA America (IA).
IA was established in 2002, and they cover not only the North America but also the South America.

The business has been great for them recently, and we are expecting even more growth in the future.

For this reason, they moved to a new office with a bigger warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona and have hired several people in the past few years.

Since I have never met those new people, I decided to get it added to the business trip schedule, although I knew I wouldn’t get to see the whole team, because some of them are working in other parts of the North and South America.


On the way to Phoenix from Boston, Ron, the president of IA, told me everyone was being nervous.

And when we got there, some of them certainly seemed nervous, but, as we talked, I could feel we were getting closer to each other.

Newly-hired people with a specialist skill in different areas and two young graduates of Arizona State University are blending in nicely and solidifying the IA’s foundation that old members have been building even more.

They also gave me a presentation about this huge project they started working on.
To be honest, I was so impressed because they are way ahead of ISOWA Japan.
I’m sure that this can be a game-changer once it gets on the right track.

After work, we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

After spending some time with them, it was clear to me that IA is heading to the right direction.

I would like them to become the company that has the best corporate culture in the US like we’re trying in Japan!

It was really nice seeing you all.
Thank you!

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