Corrugated Steam Locomotive

Corrugated Steam Locomotive which I wrote about before finally arrived!
I would like to show you what the assembling was like.

Putting the front face on the base.
It weighs much more than you might be thinking.

Besides, it needs to be set in the exact position .

After jointing disk-shaped parts with beams over and over again..

The silhouette becomes clearer.

Then we put up the driver’s compartment.
While they are working on the main structure, others are doing delicate hand works.

What are they making?

They’re “corrugated bolts”.

We had kids help us equip those bolts and finish up the details.

In addition to bolts,


Everything is made from corrugated sheets.

It even has an ISOWA name plate.

After two days of work, it unveiled its full picture.
From another angle,

Pictures cannot express enough its overwhelming presence.

We are having more than 500 people over for a family event this weekend.

I’m sure it’s going to be a great event with the locomotive.

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