Family Open House 2018

We had Family Open House 2018.

The main feature this time is a full-scale corrugated steam locomotive.

Since the theme is “locomotive”, guests need a ticket to pass the ticket gate at the entrance.

Just like real ones.

Through the gate, the locomotive shows itself.

Open House starts with a departing ceremony.

Behind the factory, we got 15 food trucks which had a very wide range of menu, from pizza to Japanese rice balls.

Nearly 600 people came in total.

The reason it looks less than that in the picture above is everyone was so preoccupied with the food that they wouldn’t join the picture.

But it’s still a great photo with not only ISOWA people but also their families!

We had a lot of other fun contents, too.

Machine demo running

Full scale military tank that actually runs.

Paper craft for the kids.

Clown show

Buckwheat noodle making

This time we also invited the alumni.
It was great seeing a lot of faces I hadn’t seen in a while.

ISOWA might not be existing now without any of them.


As you might know, our motto is “Work for happiness of your family and yourself”.

I’m working for happiness of myself, my family, employees and their families.

Employees’ families is one of the biggest reasons that I work.
Seeing them in person is always a huge motivation boost for me.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the project staff who made this event successful and amazing.

See you all at the next Open House!

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