Make it your favorite machine!

On the anniversary of placing the original order, we held the dedication ceremony for our new machine for 5-sided applications made by Okuma. In a traditional ritual, we all prayed for safe operation of this new equipment.

This past March we also purchased a vertical matching center, also made by Okuma. And we have decided to introduce more large-scale equipment next year. Our processing plant is very active.
Why do we invest so much in machine tools.
We’re doing it with very clear purposes and aims.
Furthermore, it is important for the whole company to understand these aims – not just the workers in that particular processing group.

We supply our customers with cardboard-manufacturing machines.
Even though we deliver the same machine, it may work differently for each customer.
Why is that?
We have to clear up any miscommunications, ensuring that we are knowledgeable about our newly bought equipment and well trained in its use. I don’t want the machines to lose efficiency due to any of those.
So I want all of our staff to understand the purpose of this introduction and to have the same answer to that question.
When we inaugurated our first machine for 5-sided applications four-and-a-half years ago, my late father pressed a button in the opening ceremony. He looked so nice. This time he was not able to do it.

The cardboard-manufacturing machines we supply as well as the machine tools we purchase are supposed to last over 20 years. During that whole time we should maintain them properly and make the best use of them. I hope that when the machine retires, she will think, “I’m so happy to have had nice operators in a nice company.”
That is what you should do for your favorite machine.
Mr. I and Mr. K are going to be in charge of this machine. I hope they will cherish and use the equipment for a long time and it will be their favorite machine.

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