Looking back on our own growth of the past 10 years

The MC Association (manager and chief association) is a brotherhood for our management team. We held a farewell and welcome party for Mr. I, who left, and for Mr. H and Mr. K, who joined the MC Association this year.

Mr. Shibata from Scholar Consult Co., who is attending a general meeting of stockholders tomorrow as an auditor, also joined the party.

After the meeting, there was a project like a lecture or dialog given by Mr. Shibata. This is becoming our tradition. Tomorrow's theme is "Growth of ISOWA over the past decade." So this time we made time for everyone to give a speech about their own growth over the past 10 years.

It was great, really great.

I was listening to the speeches and thinking about the results of our corporate culture reform, which is the sum total and multiplier effect of our executives' growth over the past decade.

Isowa, a managing director, made a strong declaration: "We at Hooper (ISOWA's affiliated company) will do our best. It might take a long time to be like ISOWA, but I would like you to support us."

Of course I will.

After the speeches of all the members, Mr. Shibata started telling us what didn't make sense. "It was so regrettable." I couldn't understand what he meant.

"Actually I forgot to bring a notebook and couldn't take notes during your amazing speeches. It was so regrettable that I couldn't memorize all of today's stories because much of the material for my talk is actually from ISOWA." Finally I understood what he wanted to say.

And then the organizer said, "Well, company executive Isowa will make a brief speech, finally, but before that …" The door opened and some cakes came into sight.

At first I just thought it was for the departing Mr. I, but to my surprise, the cakes were to celebrate my birthday, which is coming in two days.

I didn't know how they decided the number of candles, but anyway, I gave a puff to put out the candles. I easily blew out all the candles on the cake in front of me. And when I tried to put out the other candles on the other cakes, before I got out of breath, I lost my balance and almost stuck my head into a pot of shabu-shabu. That was close. I'm sorry. I think I have to write up an accident report.

By the way I heard that they prepared two cakes so everyone could have a piece.

They were delicious, indeed.
Thank you for celebrating my birthday.
Let's do our best for our next 10 years of growth, shall we?

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