Appreciation for the pioneers

We had anzen-kigan-sai (ceremony held to pray for the safety) ahead of the demolition of the plant 1 and 2.

I thought of my grandfather who built these plants 55 years ago, my father and all of the ISOWA workers who have gone before us.

Every time I saw the floor, the roof and each column, I could feel tears and happiness they had in this place.

ISOWA wouldn’t exist without all those efforts they made.

While I was in the plant, they all kept asking me one thing.

“Have you read that message yet?”

This is that message.

“Thank you for letting me use this place as a welding shop for a long time.”

It was written by one of the plant workers.

The priest seemed really impressed with the message.
“You have a wonderful employee. That is what’s special about ISOWA.“

I think we should always be thankful like he is.

I was standing in the middle of the plant after everyone was gone.

Then I saw a ray of beautiful light coming into the plant.

It was such a spectacular view.

I wondered what was beyond the light.

Then I found our guardian beyond the gate.

It must be a sign of good luck!
It felt like the guardian and the pioneers are leading the way for us towards the safe construction and success of the new plant.

Let’s make that happen!

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