What Lifts Me Up

ISOWA’s supporters association.
It consists of 38 suppliers of ISOWA.

And they had a party for my 60th birthday at a hotel in the city.

One of the hotel server came talk to me,

“I’ve never seen suppliers throw a party for a buyer like this.
I’ve never seen them serve this gorgeous dinner either.”

I never thought my 60th birthday party would be so great.

Especially, I couldn’t thank Mr. T enough who has organized all of it.

At the end of the party, they even brought out a fancy cake.
It was perfect dessert for someone who has a sweet tooth like I do.

There was one thing that I wanted to do.
I wanted to take a picture with every single person who was there.

And I wanted the pictures to look nice.
That’s why I asked Mr. K who is particular about photographs to come with me.

I want you to know I wasn’t making him take photos the whole time.
I wanted him in a picture, too.

We are all born good but weak. So am I.
And it’s ISOWA’s supporters association who always pulls me through.

To show how thankful I am, I picked the appreciation gift myself.

1.8 kg a person. 80kg in total.

That’s how grateful I am. I hope they will like it.

You want to know what it was?
That’s a secret between us.

I would like to say thank you again for a wonderful night and always being supportive.

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