Message From Thailand

A tree standing under the beautiful sky.

This is a photo Mr. H, my business companion, emailed me from Thailand.

>I visited company T yesterday.
>Right in front of the parking lot, I found a tree with your name.
>If I remember correct, it was when you attended the opening ceremony for T’s new plant.
>It feels like it’s growing faster than usual in the tropical weather.
>I have attached a photo of the tree.
>Hope you will like it.

It’s that tree!

It was February, 2011.
I made a speech in English in front of a large audience.

It made me nervous and sweat a lot.
That’s why I remember clearly.

It’s only been 4 years but, like Mr. H says, it’s gotten really tall.

I’m also glad that Mr. H cared about me enough to send me the photo.

Speaking of the ceremony, a woman sitting next to me talked to me after my speech.

“It was such a fun speech”

She looked so familiar to me. She reminded me of someone I know from TV.

My instinct was right.
It turned out that she was Mari Christine who used to appear on a Japanese TV show.

Ever since that day, we have been in touch for 4 years now.

Gorgeous ceremony, the speech I made and getting to know Mari.
All those memories came back to me at once.

Thanks for the picture, Mr. H!

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