Turning to a New Chapter of the Industry

Today was a historic day for us.

Realizing the concept of “i Machine” is what we have been working on for four years.

And now the time has come to launch the 2nd machine into the market, as the first one has been successfully operated for more than one year.

The customers who have ordered the 2nd, 3rd and 4th machine came for acceptance inspection.

While we were showing them the machine in action, they all took out their smartphones and kept taking a video with excitement.

It’s like when a celebrity shows up in front of his huge fans.

“This is going to be the new trend in the industry.”

“I like the concept.”

“It absolutely meets our high expectations.”

“The quality is perfect.”

We got so many good feedbacks.
It made me happy they wouldn’t stop praising the machine.

That reminds me of a saying,
“Functional things are beautiful.”

I promise we will keep creating new value in the corrugated industry.

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